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At Expat Insurance we help expats like us to optimize their finances, efficiently deal with the additional complexity of an expat lifestyle and maximize the opportunities that a multi-jurisdiction approach brings.

We know that leaving your home country doesn't mean leaving optimal financial strategies behind, and we help you access the best solutions and services available in the global financial services industry that provides financial solutions for expats all over the world. 

We believe that being an expat is the best life experience and achieving true financial independence is the best way to maintain the flexibility to continue traveling and the best way to build the life you want to live for yourself.

Our dual goals are to make it easy for others to join us and start enjoying life as a global expat, and to help our fellow expats from anywhere in the world discover the best financial tools available and effectively to achieve true financial independence. that they, and you, can turn the dreams into reality.

What we do

An excellent range of International Health Insurance, all tailor-made for expats, offers first-class private medical and health coverage anywhere in the world except the US, including your home country. Direct payment to the hospital, no deductible, and very competitively priced, as Expat Insurance can guarantee a special discount of 17.5% on premiums.


The very best International Life Insurance designed specifically for expats, providing practical help and support in dealing with the added complexity and administrative requirements associated with an unexpected death abroad, in addition to the financial element of the insurance. Every expat should have this. Expat Insurance also offers a special discount of 17.5% on premiums on this insurance.


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Expat Wealth At Work - to help you optimise your finances as an expat From hints and tips on all things finance to ideas and shared experiences from the global expat community, it's the place to learn and be inspired to create and realise your own financial destiny.