International Life Insurance

All our life insurance policies include practical and expert assistance for your partner, family or loved ones if they ever have to deal with the complicated process of bringing your body to your home country if you die unexpectedly young while abroad. We cover you anywhere in the world.

Term life insurance


When you leave your home country, a number of facilities disappear. Especially in the field of survivor benefits! There are several types of survivor benefits in your home country:

  • A survivor's pension as part of a pension scheme through the employer;
  • Life insurance (separately, and also, for example, as part of a mortgage).

These facilities may no longer apply when you leave abroad. In many countries there are no legal arrangements that provide your surviving relatives with any income if you unexpectedly die. This can cause a huge drop in income upon death. International life insurance (or “term life insurance”) is an option to cover the loss of income due to death. The tricky thing is; reliable international life insurance policies are scarce. Very few insurers are active in that market. This is mainly due to local laws and regulations, which makes many insurers reluctant to offer this.

Expat Insurance offers you International Term Insurance with a special discount of 17.5% on premiums! Get a free quote today and fill out the form below.


Different terms are used for international life insurance:

  1. Life insurance
  2. Term Life insurance
  3. (Term) Life Cover

In our information, statements and quotes we only talk about Term Life Insurance. This concerns an insurance that provides a one-off payment, equal to the insured capital, and only if the insured person dies within the insurance term. There is never any capital accumulation and a term life insurance policy never pays out as long as the insured person is still alive.. 

As one of the few intermediaries in the expat market, we offer you International Life Insurance with a special discount of 17.5% on premiums!

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